Sex in bed is so 2007 😉😏


When it comes to sex, there are a few things I was completely wrong about.

Like, that penetration should be the main feature of any banging session. What can I say? I was really naive.

Or that I liked girls and they gave me confusing feelings, but I wasn’t actually sexually attracted to them. Yep, I was deep, deep, deep in denial about that.

And then there was my belief that the best place to have sex is the bed.

At least I had good reasons for believing that one.

I’ve tried a few other places and they were all fun in their own way. But once the novelty died down, I had to admit that none of them beat a good old fashioned romp on top of a mattress.

Sex in a car was fine when I didn’t have anywhere better to do it.

Shower sex was really fucking hot and exciting, until it started feeling more like a safety hazard.

And as much as I loved fucking on trampolines, I don’t think it’s the most convenient surface for a good screw.

The bed is the only place that felt like a consistent, solid option for good, comfortable sex.

But then I tried a sex wedge and it made sex so much better. That’s when I clued in. The bed’s good and all, but there’s some room for improvement.

Earlier this month, I learned just how much room there is.

I got my very first sex chair - a sex lounger, really. And I’ve got to say, it beats fucking on the bed in almost every single way.

It makes sense that the bed is the default spot for most sexcapades. You’ve already got one. You’re going to sleep on it anyway. It’s a soft surface in a spot that has a good amount of privacy.

It’s the natural choice.

But the thing with a bed is that it’s not actually designed for fucking. It’s designed for sleeping.

The fact that it’s a decent spot for sex is just a happy accident.

It’s not something I ever really thought about. Not until I got an incredibly deep, shockingly intense, and surprisingly comfortable fuck in my new sex chair.

Unlike the bed, it’s designed specifically for sex. That’s what it’s for, and everything about it is shaped, angled, and curved to give you the best bang imaginable.

I felt it the moment I unboxed it, laid on it, and bent my body over it.

It’s the right piece of furniture for just about any kind of action. Missionary, doggystyle, anal, spanking, pussy eating, blowjobs, facefucking - all of it.

It’s incredible and I really can’t get enough of this thing.

I’m sure I’ll bang under my colored lights again. But for now, the bed’s mostly for sleeping, cuddling, and post-sex snacks.

This Week’s New Articles

So yeah, I can’t stop raving about my sex chair!

And I rave in a lot more detail in my review of the Liberator Esse.

That’s where I describe what it was like to fuck in it, how versatile it is, and why I can’t wait to climb on top of it again.

So, definitely check that out!

What’s the hottest part of a woman’s body?

Plenty of people will name the tits. Some will praise the ass. A few fetishy peeps will drool over feet.

Guys who want to score some brownie points will say say it’s a woman’s eyes or whatever.

For me, it’s a no-brainer.


That’s the sexiest part of a woman’s body.

I have no idea why - it just is.

And I wrote this article as an excuse to talk about how much I love them.

You know what sucks the most about doing any sex-related work? There’s not much word of mouth.

It’s tricky to get your work out there when most people feel a little too embarrassed to recommend it.

People won’t even like it on social media because they don’t want their cousin to know they’re getting anal sex tips from some girl on the internet.

And yeah, I give lots of tips, recommend plenty of sex toys, and share some of my favorite porn. But I’m just one person.

What I do know, though, is what my readers and listeners seem to really fucking love.

This week, I shared seven of the sex toys that people can’t stop buying.

That’s not exactly a word of mouth recommendation, but it’s a really good place to start.


Emma ❤

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Do you like to watch? 😏

If you do, you should totally subscribe to my YouTube channel!

That’s where you can get the video version of the Pillow Talk podcast. It’s the same episodes you’ll get in your podcast feed, except you’ll get to see us too.

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I’m Too Naughty for TikTok - Follow Me on Clapper Instead 😎

I got in trouble with TikTok last week.

I tried to post a little clip from the Liberator Esse unboxing. And I guess two clothed adults messing around on a sex chair is too much for that platform. My videos kept getting removed. They were just too naughty, I guess!

But I’m not gonna give up that easily.

I’m going to keep posting my mostly-SFW content on TikTok until they force me to stop.

I’ll be concentrating on Clapper more, though.

Clapper’s basically a TikTok copycat. The features are a little bit different. The algorithm doesn’t work the same way, either.

They’re also way more permissible than TikTok.

You can’t be naked. You can’t do dirty things on it. Can’t even show sex toys.

But you can swear. You can talk about sex. You can mention that you make porn.

Basically, you won’t be banned for being a grownup.

So, that’s where I’ll be. If you’re a Clapper user, give me a follow! 😇

Vote for Me? 🥺👉👈

Every year, Kinkly puts together a list of the top sex bloggers.

And, well, I’d really love to make the cut.

But I need your help!

If you love my blog, it’d be awesome if you could go to the Kinkly sex blogger page and click to vote for it (I’m #18 on the list right now)!

Thanks! You’re the best! 😘

New Spicy Content! 🔥

Do you like close-up porn?

I love it! There’s something so hot and intimate about it.

So, I shot some of my own. It’s me using a clit sucking toy - and showing just how fast and how hard it can make me come!

I also shared a little strip and tease video. And a photo of my pussy - like I said, I love a closeup!

If you want to see those, along with all the other videos I’ve shot (solo, playing with toys, or fucking Mr. Austin), you can get them on my JustForFans page!

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Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Sex Life! 😍

If you want to get yourself a little something fun, here are some companies I love supporting!

Liberator products are an amazing way to seriously upgrade your sex life and your self-pleasure - and they’re currently on sale at Betty’s Toy Box! I love, love, love the Esse lounger, the Ramp and Wedge combo, the Pulse toy mount, and the Fascinator Throw - and I can’t wait to try so more of their wedges and mounts. If you want one of your own, this is the best time to get it - they almost never go on sale. Use the code LOVEEMMA to save 15% on your entire order!

Sportsheets is another company I trust when I want to make things hotter in the bedroom. They make really fun restraints and other great BDSM accessories. You can get them and all sorts of other kinky stuff on Naughty Betty’s! LOVEEMMA will get you 15% off your entire order with them too!

And of course, having some really good porn is a great way to help you get turned on and get off. My favorite site by a long shot is Adult Time. It’s got so much incredible, high-quality porn all in one place - there’s just no beating it! Use my affiliate link to get a discounted price and use the code LOVEEMMA when you sign up to treat yourself to a free week!

These are all affiliate links by the way. If you click them and make a purchase (or use one of my discount codes), I earn a small commission on the sale and you will be supporting my work.

Super Secret Exclusive Stuff 🤫

Do you know how many Seinfeld episodes were about sex?

Enough that you could make a whole podcast series about it.

And that’s exactly what Jake and I are doing!

We recently kicked off our newest project - What’s the Deal With Fucking?

It’s a Seinfeld sex podcast that will cover every sex-related episode of the show in ten-ish minute chunks!

The first episode is out now and we’re already recording more. It’s only available on the Pillow Talk Patreon page. So, if you’re curious, you can become one of our Friends With Benefits and listen along!

If you become one, you’ll also get bonus episodes of the Pillow Talk podcast. Earlier this month, we published the second part of our Kickstarter episode. And pretty soon, we’ll be releasing a bonus Halloween episode!

You’ll also get early access to our main feed episodes.

And, listen, I’m going to tell you something but you have to promise not tell anyone else, okay?

We’re working on another little, fun, kind of casual project for our Friends With Benefits. That one’s coming soon. But until then, it’s just between you and me, okay?

We Want to Help You Spice Things Up 😘

Wanna get a little kinky?

This week, we share our tips for spicing up your sex life with a little BDSM!

We talk about Jake’s gendered BDSM assumptions, the ass-man to kinky spanker pipeline, and how my low libido made us as vanilla as can be.

Also: working out naked, defiling my FitDesk, and some intense anal fingering!

Check out the show notes for relevant links. And if you love the show, consider rating and reviewing it on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else!

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