The secret to getting more head 🍆😮


There’s a very big divide when it comes to blowjobs.

Lots of women are really into giving head.

Sucking cock turns them on. It makes them feel sexy and dirty in all the right ways.

Their sexual fantasies involve them dropping to their knees and showing off all their oral skills.

They jill off to blowjob porn when they come across the kind that does it for them.

At the same time, plenty of men complain that they aren’t getting enough of it, or that they’re not getting head at all.

Sometimes, it’s because a guy who wants nothing more than to get sucked off pairs up with a girl who doesn’t find it hot at all.

But I’m willing to bet that in most cases, it’s something else.

It’s because she doesn’t get to give head the way she wants to.

I hate knowing that people aren’t having as much naughty fun as they could be. So, I put together some tips to keep her from losing interest in blowjobs and help her give the most enthusiastic head she can.

This week, I also wrote about:

  • What to do when you have the higher sex drive. I wrote before about what you can do to make life easier and your relationship better when you have a low sex drive. This is the flipside to that. Having a higher libido than your partner can leave you feeling frustrated and lonely - but it doesn’t have to.

  • Pornhub’s Christmas album. I’m a sucker for novelty and gimmicks, and this was no exception. When Pornhub dropped its XXXmas Album, I knew I had to give it a listen and share my thoughts on it.

  • The things women love (but don’t always say they do). The things that make a guy really attractive are all the little things he does to make a girl feel loved, cared for, and remind her that he’s a good fuck. I listed the ones that keep me drawn and attracted to a guy, even after the initial spark is gone.

And this week on the Pillow Talk podcast, Jake and I finally sat down to talk about anal sex!



Emma ❤

Treat Yourself

If you want to get yourself a little something fun, here are some companies I love supporting.

I’m super into Nubiles Porn! It’s cheeky, lighthearted, and very playful. It’s also got plenty of taboo content, which I can never get enough of. When I saw they had a Cyber Week sale, I couldn’t resist - I had to sign up! That sale is still going on, so if you want to check it out for yourself, now’s the perfect time!

But if you like your taboo porn on the darker and more serious side, I highly recommend my favorite Adult Time series, Pure Taboo. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s gorgeously shot and hot as fuck. Use the code LOVEEMMA to save 20% on your 30-day membership!

And if you want to live out some of your own taboo fantasies, a little bit of bondage never hurts. My favorite way to get tied down is with the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and really easy to use. Get it from Betty’s Toy Box and use the code LOVEEMMA to save 10% on your entire order!

These are all affiliate links by the way. If you click them and make a purchase (or use one of my discount codes), I earn a small commission on the sale and you will be supporting my work.

Sexmas Countdown

Only two more weeks until Sexmas!

This week, I wrote about the porniest Christmas songs I’ve heard. But last year, I wrote about the sexiest one.

It’s still, hands down, my favorite holiday song and it sets the perfect mood for getting close, intimate, and completely naked with someone.

I just finished my Sexmas shopping! I’d tell you what I bought, but I wouldn’t want Mr. Austin to read this and spoil the surprise!

If you still need some ideas to complete your sexy Christmas shopping, here are my personal recommendations for this year!

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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

We're surprised it took this long, but here it is: an episode dedicated to anal sex!

This week on Pillow Talk, Jake and I talk about how I discovered anal with a sadist, then discovered great anal with a sweet boy, and the anal porn that made us.

Along the way, we discuss how amateur porn has changed over the years, why anal sex always ends too soon, solo ass play, whether double penetration lives up to the hype, and what I was looking for when I searched for "surprise anal" porn (and what I found instead).

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