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Have you ever had a kink you couldn’t name?

It’s something that turns you on without fail. You know it when you see it. But you just can’t put it into words.

For me, it was something that had to do with embarrassment.

I had fantasies in which I was gently mocked while getting frisky.

I would come up with all sorts of search terms so I could find party porn on Pornhub.

Not orgies. Not swingers in action. Parties where at least one woman was getting dirty and horny while a small crowd of people stood around, teasing her, encouraging her, and commenting on everything she did.

I was really turned on by that kind of thing, but I had no idea what to call it.

All I could do was look at the thumbnails and hope I’d get what I wanted.

A couple of weeks ago, it clicked.

I found the perfect word for it.

It’s a humiliation kink, but a very specific kind. It’s not the kind of humiliation you normally encounter when reading about BDSM or watching really kinky porn.

It’s humiliation without degradation. It causes embarrassment more than shame. It’s mocking but it’s gentle. It’s closer to praise than insult.

I still don’t know if there’s a term for it, but I call it positive humiliation and I decided to share my thoughts about it.

This week, I also wrote about:

  • Pornhub making a major improvement. For a long time Pornhub models and creators have been asking the company to only allow uploads from verified accounts. It’s finally taking that step and it will make the site less sketchy and deliver more of its best content. I was so excited when I found out about it, that I immediately sat down and wrote this article.

  • Polyamorous porn. I have a (not so) secret wish that all the vloggers I watch showed their sex lives. If any of them started an OnlyFans, I would drop everything to subscribe and watch them masturbate and fuck. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet. But when Adult Time released Poly Family Life, I knew I had to review it and see if it gave me a dose of the vlog porn I’ve been dreaming of.

  • Why fuckbois keep coming back. If you get tangled up with a fuckboi, it doesn’t take long before he discards you and leaves you hurt or heartbroken. But the worst part is, he’ll keep coming back. He’ll keep hitting on you, texting you, and finding ways to stay in your life even after he’s pushed you out of his. I wrote about why that happens and what you should do about it when it does.

  • The right way to shoot your shot. There’s nothing wrong with sliding into someone’s DMs. But if you want to get anywhere with someone, you have to take the right approach. These are my tips for shooting your shot without making someone feel awkward or uncomfortable.

And this week on the Pillow Talk podcast, you can listen along while Jake and I explore the world of horror porn for the very first time (and insist that this is a Christmas episode).



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Sexmas Countdown

It’s less than a week away until Mr. Austin and I start celebrating Sexmas!

I hope you’ve got something fun and sexy planned, too.

To help you get ready, here are some holiday ideas that sound sexy in theory but don’t work out so well in reality.

And it’s not too late for some last-minute Sexmas shopping!

If you want to get your partner something that will make their holiday a lot hotter, these are my personal recommendations from a year of playing, exploring, and experimenting.

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