Now that you finally have the house to yourself... 😏🔥


You know what? I’m kind of done with summer.

I spent all winter and spring looking forward to it, and we definitely had a good run. But I’m ready for fall.

There were too many uncomfortably hot nights and afternoons when my sunroom was basically a sauna instead of my happy place.

And I’m actually looking forward to school starting again.

Yeah, that’s going to mean lots of time spent on dropoffs and pickups.

It’s going to mean hectic mornings trying to make sure everyone has packed lunchboxes, clean masks, and is out the door on time.

But it also means I’m going to have the house to myself several times a week.

I haven’t actually had the house completely to myself in almost a year.

I plan to take full advantage of the quiet house and the total privacy.

I’m going to have lots of sex toys to test, porn to review, and dirty videos to film. And I’ll finally be able to do it as openly and loudly as I want to.

There’s still a little over a week before school starts again here. Sweater weather’s even further away. But I’m definitely going to make the most of it!

This Week’s New Articles

Speaking of porn reviews, I wrote one this week!

I haven’t seen a lot of Marvel movies. The last one I watched was Iron Man, so yeah, I tapped out pretty early.

But even though I haven’t been caught up, I had every intention of watching Black Widow.

Until I saw the price I’d have to pay for Premiere Access to it - more than 30 Canadian smackers. That’s nuts! Unless it comes with a lifesize cardboard cutout of Scarlett Johansson, there’s way I’d pay that much to watch it.

So, I did the next best thing. I watched Black Widow XXX.

It didn’t teach me anything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it did let me watch lots of hot costumed fucking!

That’s not the only thing I reviewed - I also shared my experiences with my very first vibrating buttplug!

It was actually supposed to be my very first tail buttplug. And it was that, too. But I ended up really hung up on the vibrations instead.

Because the tail might be super cute. No complaints. Love it.

But those vibrations made me come really fucking hard.

I’m talking intense, powerful, blended orgasms.

The kind you can only get when your pussy and your ass are getting just the right kind of stimulation. Super satisfying stuff.

If you want your ass to look cute and feel amazing, definitely check out the review!

Have you ever heard of demisexuality?

It basically means that you can only feel sexual attraction to someone after you’ve formed a strong emotional connection with them.

That’s me. I’m a demisexual. Sexual attraction doesn’t actually come all that easily to me because it usually takes something like a friendship to develop first.

It took me a long time to realize that, though. I assumed my sexual attraction was just fine.

I mean, I can get pretty damn horny.

I’ve watched more than my fair share of porn.

And before I settled down with Mr. Austin, I was pretty quick to have casual sex.

Turns out, all of that was perfectly in line with being demisexual. So, I decided to share all my very demisexual reasons for having casual sex even when I didn’t feel sexual attraction.

There are two problems with dick pics.

The biggest one is that guys keep sending them without permission. Unsolicited dick pics aren’t cool and that’s got to stop.

But the other issue is that even when guys are asked for a dick shot, they don’t always send a very good one.

I’ve asked for dick pics and scrolled through subreddits to feast my eyes on even more of them. But the dick pic game is real hit or miss.

There are definitely some hot ones - dick pics so good you could practically frame them.

Others are real missed opportunities - dick pics that had promise but violated too many basic rules of photography.

If you’ve been asked for a dick pic and you’re not sure how to turn your cock into a gorgeous, arousing work of art, I put together a guide that will help you show it in its best light.


Emma ❤

Brand New Smut!

That vibrating tail dildo I reviewed? You bet your ass (and mine) that I shot a video of me using it.

Even better, it’s a video of my first time trying it out - complete with my reaction to experiencing anal vibrations for the first time!

It’s my thickest anal toy so far, but I still managed to properly fuck my ass with it.

As fun as that toy is, it doesn’t beat Mr. Austin’s cock. So, I shot a new video with it too!

It’s a 17 minute multiple-angle bangfest with blowjob, fingering, cowgirl shot from behind, doggystyle, and Jake coming all over my tits!

If that sounds good, you can watch all of those and more than a dozen other videos by subscribing to my JustForFans page!

Treat Yourself

If you want to get yourself a little something fun, here are some companies I love supporting!

If you want to make the most of your extra alone time, you should treat yourself to some high-quality porn! Wicked has lots of it, including Black Widow XXX and other parodies that are entertaining, fun to roast, and great to get off to. Use the code LOVEEMMA when you sign up to get a free week!

If silly, playful, cheeky family roleplay is more your jam, though, you should take a peep at Nubiles Porn! It includes some really fun porn like the creampie series My Family Pies, the groupsex series Family Swap, and the self-explanatory series Teacher Fucks Teens. Nubiles is currently holding their End of Summer Sale, with up to 60% off on memberships!

And an incredibly pleasurable way to get yourself off is by using a vibrating buttplug! The Tailz unicorn buttplug gave me some seriously intense blended orgasms. If you want to experience some of those for yourself, you can get one from Naughty Betty’s! Use the code LOVEEMMA to save 15% on your entire order!

These are all affiliate links by the way. If you click them and make a purchase (or use one of my discount codes), I earn a small commission on the sale and you will be supporting my work.

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