My own personal dirty fantasy 😍🔥


Do you have a fantasy you’ve never been able to fulfill? Like, no matter how much porn you watch, none of it manages to get it just right?

I had that problem for a long time.

Part of the problem is that it was something I could only enjoy in fantasy.

I’m really into experience gap scenarios, especially first-time sexual experiences.

But I’m not exactly a virgin, y’know?

So, I had to run those scenes in my head. I quietly played pretend during sex. I watched babysitter porn and videos with inappropriate stepdads.

There’s some really hot experience gap porn out there. Every video had something missing, though.

The guys were too domineering when I wanted them to be dominant.

They were quiet and passive when I wanted them to be leading the action.

Or they were heaping on the humiliation instead of the praise.

The women often did a good job pulling off the innocent role. But they almost always dropped it as soon as they started fucking. Once there was a dick in front of them, they’d act like the pornstars they are, not the bashful babysitters they pretended to be.

There was only one way for me to get exactly what I wanted. I’d have to get it custom made.

And there was only one man I knew who could really pull that off. The one guy who could give me the daddy dom experience I was craving.

Because I’m an incredibly lucky lady, he messaged me one day and offered exactly that.

This week, I wrote about my first experience with custom porn, how absolutely incredible and arousing it was, and why everyone should consider commissioning something the thing that would turn them on the most.

Before a man gave me exactly what I wanted, I had a prolonged run-in with a guy who gave me something no one should ever get.

He was hot and cold, emotionally unavailable and hurtful, but charming enough to make me obsess over him.

In other words, he was a fuckboi.

He messed me up, I moved on, and now I’ve learned a lot from the whole experience.

I decided to put together some of the biggest lessons for anyone else who is tangled up with a fuckboi, has been played by one, or wants to make sure it never happens.

And there’s yet another guy in my life. This one gives me what I want, too - but sometimes it’s a little too much.

I married a guy who’s dick is on the thicker and longer side and both of those caused problems over the years.

I’m used to his size now, but it can still be a challenge.

That doesn’t mean the sex is bad, though. Far from it. It just means we have to do a few things to accommodate it.

I wrote about those accommodations and how to take a big dick without ending up sore and uncomfortable.

Listening to custom porn made me so horny I was practically ready for some all-day sex.

If my husband and I didn’t have so many responsibilities, we probably would’ve done it.

This time, though, I would’ve done it right. I’ve had some sexathons before, but I never fully prepared for them. Now I know how to really make the good times last.

And the Pillow Talk podcast is back! After taking a couple of episodes off, we finally sat down and recorded a new one. It’s about all the outdoor sex we’ve had.

If you’re a nature enthusiast, get excited by the possibility of getting caught (it happened to us a couple of times), or just want to hear about the different places we’ve fucked, be sure to give it a listen!



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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

Outdoor sex used to be kind of a big thing for us.

It was bold, a bit risky, and a hell of a lot of fun.

This week on Pillow Talk, we go over every time we've fucked and fooled around outside.

Along the way we talk about what it's like starting Adderall, gigolo babies, the wide open market of trampoline porn, and that one day we got caught having sex by more than 20 people.

We also reminisce about Zellers, talk about both times I've swallowed, and go over why a Ziploc bag is not a proper substitute for a condom.

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