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You’ve been fucked fast, you’ve been fucked hard, you’ve been fucked long.

You’ve had your pussy eaten and you’ve been fingered by someone who really knew what they were doing.

You’ve had multiple orgasms during a single session.

You think you know how pleasurable sex can be.

But then you have sex with a pleasure dom and it’s like… holy fuck…

I thought I had hit the peak of sexual satisfaction. Then my husband started tapping into his dominant side and he showed me how much better it could get.

He’s a pleasure dom, which means he knows how to make me feel submissive and taken care of. He knows how to fuck me in a way that makes me feel loved and desired. And he can bring me to the upper edge of my pleasure tolerance - and then push me just a little more.

It’s intense as fuck and I can’t believe he had this in him all these years.

I’m just grateful he let it out and embraced it.

This week, I wrote about what sex with a pleasure dom is like and why it’s my favorite kind of BDSM.

It’s Valentine’s Day!

It’s a great day for sensual fun, kinky sex, or some very pleasurable masturbation.

No matter how you celebrate, porn is a really good way to get in the mood for it. This year, I felt like watching something silly and playful. So, I watched Valentine’s Day Dick in a Bag and wrote a review of it.

I used to be really embarrassed by the way I masturbate. It’s not the kind of masturbation I saw in porn. I’d never heard of anyone else doing it the way I did. So, I assumed I was a weirdo who was doing it wrong.

The first time I showed my husband the real way I masturbate, we’d already been married for almost ten years.

I’m glad I finally did it, because it changed so many things about the way we have sex and how we masturbate together.

Whatever your favorite masturbation technique is, you should embrace it. And I guarantee your partner will love it too.

I’ve been using condoms again when I’m in my fertile window. And I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by it.

It doesn’t feel quite as good as going at it raw.

But there are a lot of things you can do to make it feel much, much better.

These are my tips for having the best condom sex.

And this week on the Pillow Talk podcast, Jake and I talk about leveling up your masturbation!



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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

How do you masturbate?

Is it a quick and dirty wank? Or do you really romance yourself?

We think you should do the latter. This week on Pillow Talk, we talk about leveling up your masturbation and taking your self-pleasure seriously.

But because we can't really take anything seriously (except masturbating), we also talk about our Valentine's Day tree, performative moaning, microwaved banana peels, and making a lube mess on the couch.

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New Friends With Benefits Episode!

This week, my Friends With Benefits got access to a bonus episode of the Pillow Talk podcast where Jake reads some of his poetry! Specifically, dirty poems he wrote just for me!

And because it’s Valentine’s Day, we decided to put it up one day early!

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