I'm finally in my anal prime 😍🍑


I’ve had an anal sex kink for a very long time.

As soon as I found out that some people like getting their ass fucked, I thought it sounded really fucking hot.

But my love of anal sex took place mostly in my head.

I fantasized about it a lot. I thought about it even more. I looked for it on porn sites very regularly.

But in bed, I was all mouth and pussy.

It’s not like I hated anal sex or anything like that. It actually felt really fucking good.

The problem is that it was really challenging.

Sometimes, it went off without any problems. I’d get in position, arch my back, and take a cock in my ass like the best of them.

Most of the time, though, it was nothing but failed attempts.

That was really confusing because I was doing everything right. I was using lots of lube. I was going slowly. I was taking my time.

And still, it didn’t work. I couldn’t take Mr. Austin’s cock - at least, not comfortably.

So, I almost never did it. My fantasies were full of anal action but in my sex life it was a very, very rare treat.

These last few months, though, I finally cracked the code.

Anal isn’t nearly as challenging as it used to be. Whenever I ask Mr. Austin to fuck my ass, I know it’s going to go extremely well.

It’s not like we’re doing non-stop, wall-to-wall anal or anything. We’re very far from living the anal only lifestyle.

But I can actually have it whenever I want it. I don’t have to hesitate because I know it’s going to work. I don’t have to worry it won’t be pleasurable because I know it will be.

All I have to do is arch my back, ask for his dick, and enjoy some of the most intense pleasure I can experience.

That’s partly because I’ve got the technique right. I’m using better lube, too. I also got more anal toys, which helped me get more familiar with my ass.

But the biggest thing that changed is that I only do it when I really want it. Like, want it bad.

I stopped trying to have anal sex because I wanted to give my husband something special.

I stopped doing it because I felt like I’d be too boring in bed if I didn’t.

I stopped doing it because I felt like it had been a while and we were due for some buttfucking.

I don’t put pressure on myself anymore. I only do it when I’m really in the mood for it.

And that’s made the biggest difference. I’ve been able to do it more often now, and every single time it goes really well. I get all that intense stimulation and the mindblowing orgasms that come with it.

That might sound super basic, but it’s not.

So many women only try anal because their partner wants to. Or they do it when they’re not fully in the mood for it. And that’s a surefire way to spoil what should be a really good time.

I’m not going to be spoiling my good times anymore. It’s not just going to be part of my fantasies anymore. I’m finally going to be able to indulge my anal kink as often as I want to.

I feel like I’ve entered my anal prime and I couldn’t be more excited!

This Week’s New Articles

Having a major urge to get your ass fucked is the best way to make sure you're going to have amazing anal sex. But there are other things you can do to get the kind of pleasurable experience you really want.

I find a lot of anal sex advice too simplistic to be helpful.

It’s usually just a few simple tips: use lube, relax, and go slowly.

That leaves out a lot of important information, like what kind of lube you should use, how to actually relax your asshole, and what kind of sex positions will make it easier.

So, I decided to put together all the tips I wish I had back when I started having anal sex.

It’s not all about the butt, though. My pussy needs some love, too!

And with the new clit sucking toy I got, it’s been getting plenty of it!

I liked how cute the Lelo Sila looked, but I had no idea it would also feel absolutely incredible.

I didn’t plan to review it this early, but I just had to. This toy has been reliably giving me so many intense, leg-shaking, what-the-fuck-just-happened-to-me orgasms that it got bumped right to the top of my review queue!

Anal sex wasn’t the only thing I struggled with. Plain old cowgirl was a challenge for me, too.

I’d get on top and then it was just a whole lot of struggling until I’d come and we could change positions.

I figured my legs were too short, too weak, or both.

But then I figured out the real problem wasn’t my legs - it was how I was doing it. I cracked the secret and now I can get on top and actually enjoy it!

I know a lot of girls hate riding on top, so I wanted to share the one thing that made it so much better for me.

Okay, enough about all the ways I get off. Let’s talk about pleasuring cocks.

There are a lot of girls who worry that handjobs are too basic.

Sucking cock makes you feel like a good girl. And getting fucked feels amazing, so no worries there.

But handjobs don’t always have the same excitement.

We might be self-conscious about our technique. Or we worry that stroking isn’t enough. For some of us, it’s the move we pull out when we don’t actually want to go to fourth base with a guy.

If you worry that giving handjobs is too basic, all you have to do is think out of the box.

There are five ways I’ve stroked a cock that a lot of women haven’t tried. Each of them made it way more fun and exciting - for me and for him.

If you want to jazz up your handjobs, definitely try one of these!


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I haven’t just been having some anal fun - I’ve been filming it too!

That’s right, I finally posted my very first anal video.

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Then, I get on my back to take his cock in one of the hottest but most challenging sex positions: missionary anal!

And as you can imagine, the vibrations in my pussy and the thrusting in my ass give me a few intense orgasms!

I also posted a solo video of me fucking myself with my favorite new didlo, the Party Marty! It’s a good size, nice and soft, and filled with confetti - which makes it the perfect toy for banging my cupcake!

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