How to take backdoor action like a pro 🍑😏


Whenever I see advice for how to have anal sex, it usually boils down to three things: plenty of lube, even more patience, and good communication.

All those things are important, but there’s more to it than that.

There are plenty of times when I wanted to have anal but either couldn’t pull it off or have it comfortably.

It left me really frustrated because we were going as slowly as I wanted to. I had more lube than anyone should need. And my husband and I are always on the same wavelength.

It should’ve worked. I should’ve been getting the backdoor thrusting I was craving. I was doing everything right.

Well, almost everything.

Turns out there are a few things I still didn’t know about how to have great anal sex. Things that I only learned about over the last year or two.

These are the things I needed to make anal feel way more comfortable. They’re the things that let me enjoy it when a generous drip of lube isn’t enough.

And I wanted to share them with everyone because I know what it’s like to dream about enjoying some hot anal sex but not being able to make that fantasy come true.

So this week, I wrote about my six best tips for comfortable, pleasurable, orgasmic anal sex - and only one of them is lube.

I’m a big fan of outdoor sex. I’ve written about my love of it before. I’ve recorded a podcast episode about all the times Jake and I have had outdoor sex (together and with other people).

So naturally, I’m really into outdoor porn.

And sadly, this week, it’s become even harder to find because it’s officially being banned from OnlyFans.

I wrote about the sad news and why it bums me out so much.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing some really hot dick pics.

But I’ve also had the misfortune of laying eyes on some especially bad ones.

It’s not about the dick itself. The dick is fine. It’s the way it was shot that put me off.

Women love getting a really good (solicited) dick pic. So, I put together a guide to taking one.

Next to my favorite vibrator, the thing I probably use the most during sex and masturbation is my sex blanket.

I like it so much, in fact, that I own two.

This week, I wrote a review of my travel size Liberator Fascinator Throw. It’s easy to store, convenient, and just as effective as the regular sized one.

And this week on the Pillow Talk podcast, Jake and I talk about MILFs!



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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

Who starred in your formative sexual fantasies?

For Jake, it was MILFs.

This week, we talk about the multiple origins of Jake's appreciate of older women - is it mommy issues, demisexuality, or pure coincidence?

We go over the hottest MILF dynamics, whether I'm a MILF, and try to pin down exactly what a MILF is in the first place.

And we manage to squeeze in digressions about stevia leaf extract, spotting littles in the wild, and casual multitasking sex.

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New Friends With Benefits Episode!

This week, my Friends With Benefits got access to a bonus episode of the Pillow Talk podcast where I tell Jake about the custom porn I got. It was my first time getting any and I wasn’t prepared for just how incredibly horny it made me!

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