Good riddance, shame monkeys!


If you’ve been subscribed to my newsletter for a while, you probably noticed a few changes.

I started off on Tiny Letter. I liked the simplicity of it, but I wanted more design options so I could make the newsletter look better.

So, I moved to Mailchimp.

But that didn’t last long at all.

Last week, I got an email notifying me that my account was suspended and I wouldn’t be able to send anything to my mailing list.

Okay, that’s a problem. No one messes with my mailing list.

And the reason they did it? Because I used keywords that are associated with the adult industry.

Well, that’s a problem, too. I’m not going to ever stop using those keywords because adult stuff is what I write about.

Plus, I love the adult industry. My hat goes off to sex toy manufacturers, porn performers and creators, and anyone else whose job it is to help people get off and have fun.

So, instead of having a nice, relaxed Sunday afternoon, I had to spend it scrambling around looking for a way to get my newsletter out to you guys.

Eventually, I hit on Substack. I looked over their Terms of Use and there’s nothing in there that should keep me from reaching out to my readers and listeners on time.

So, that’s why we’re here. My new Substack home. I hope you like it! It’s not as glitzy and glamorous as Mailchimp, but it also isn’t going to shame any of us for loving sex. And that matters a lot more.

This week, I wrote about my run-in with Mailchimp’s algorithm, why a dick drop is waaaay better than a dick pic, and why you get horny when you’re sick. I also reviewed Adult Time’s first animated porn series, Hentai Sex School.



I Got Reviewed!

Yesterday, I woke to an incredibly awesome surprise: a review of my podcast!

Holly Bradshaw wrote about Pillow Talk for the Medium publication Sexography and it left me a little speechless. It gave me a little bit of reviewer envy, too — it’s such a fun and engaging piece.

I know I’m a little biased, but you should check out Holly’s review (and all her other great work)!

My Latest Medium Posts

These are the articles I published this week on Medium. They're all Friend Links so you can read them even without a Medium Membership.

New on Love, Emma

This week on Love, Emma I shared a post about outdoor sex. But it’s really a review of one of the best things on Pornhub: Horny Hiking!

This is a little different than the version I posted on Medium. I edited it a bit, but mainly, I included some photos that were too racy for the original post (Molly has such an incredible ass, I couldn’t resist!)

Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

I had to skip another week of Pillow Talk because I was too sick to record one.

I could’ve tried to sniffle, cough, and brain fog my way through it, but it would not have been pretty.

So, instead, why not revisit Jake’s dick? He’s got a good one, but it’s got a few quirks. We talk about phimosis, delayed ejaculation, and death grip in this one.

Something Spicy

The babysitter fantasy has been huge at least since the days of pay-per-view porn. And it's easy to see why. It's one of the only opportunities for middle aged men who are bored of their marriages to have a hot, young, nubile girl in their homes.

I've got babysitter fantasies, too. But in mine, I'm the babysitter and it's the dad I've got my sights on. Grown men who are attractive, responsible, and not scared of commitment? Sign me up!

It makes sense, then, that my first erotic novella is all about a babysitter who has her way with the man of the house.

This one is longer than the previous eBooks I shared, but it just means there's a deeper connection, characters who have time to fall for each other, and lots and lots of fucking.


Hot for My Boss

Nina has a thing for older men. And she’s got the hots for one in particular, Greg Thompson.

There’s only one problem. Greg is Nina’s boss.

Oh, and he’s married.

But working under him is the perfect opportunity for Nina to get closer to Greg and make him realize she’s exactly what he needs.

They fall madly in love, but will Greg ever be ready to leave his loveless marriage? Will Nina get her Happily Ever After with the man of her dreams or will she be left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart?

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