Fellas, this is the first step to getting the girl 🥰😉


Know what’s kind of sad?

The guys who seem to be the most concerned with getting laid are the ones who keep shooting themselves in the foot.

There are a lot of reasons for that. Sometimes, it’s because they get desperate and they start coming on way too hard and trying to move things along way too fast.

Other times, it’s because they have a pile of insecurities they’ve never really dealt with.

And then there are the dudes who just get really weird and bitter.

They’re frustrated from continually striking out with women. Or they can’t even bring themselves to approach them. Or they get bitter because they’re convinced everyone’s getting laid but them.

That’s when they start looking for solutions and finding them in all the wrong places.

They’ll start listening to pickup artists and their creepy strategies for picking up women.

They’ll start dividing men into alphas and betas. If they get deep enough, they’ll start rattling off facts about sigma males, too.

And if they take a big ol’ swig of this brand of Kool-Aid, they’ll start drawing green lines all over the place.

That’s what I discovered recently when Mr. Austin took me along for a deep dive on Rivelino the Artist.

If you haven’t heard of him, count yourself lucky. But even if you don’t recognize his name, there’s a chance you’d recognize his green lines.

See, Rivelino claims to know so much about women, sex, and all that stuff that all he has to do is look at a photo to assess things like devotion and sexual desire, masculine dominance, and whether a lady is girlfriend material.

And he draws all sorts of green lines to prove his point.

It’s complete and total nonsense.

Sadly, a lot of guys buy into this. If not Rivelino’s green lines, then some other wild theory like it.

And it’s always going to backfire.

Because every woman is into different kinds of guys. Every girl is going to respond positively to different kinds of moves. But there’s one thing that’s pretty much universal - we’re all turned off by guys who believe there’s such a thing as an alpha male.

I can’t draw any green lines to prove that, but just believe me on this one. That’s the first step to getting the girl. Drop the pickup artist nonsense and just be chill.

This Week’s New Articles

Using porn feels so normal to me. So it always catches me off guard when I’m reminded that a lot of people still have negative opinions of it.

Some people think it’s just plain wrong to watch videos of people fucking.

Other people buy into the misinformed fear mongering about the porn industry.

But one of the most common criticisms of porn isn’t about the porn itself - it’s about its effects.

No, not happiness and better orgasms. The effects they’re worried about are the ones that will screw up your love life.

That porn will make your partner lose interest in you.

That frequent porn use is going to result in sexual dysfunctions.

That you’ll get addicted to all those gangbang scenes and you’ll turn into a porn junkie.

Except none of that actually happens. Because watching porn is just harmless fun.

This week, I dug a bit deeper than that and debunked seven major myths about porn and relationships.

School is starting up again and you know what that means.

Yep, you’re finally going to have the whole place to yourself!

You’ll have hours and hours you can spend doing whatever the hell you want.

And you should spend at least a few of those giving yourself incredible amounts of pleasure.

I’m talking the ultimate self-care. Masturbation that doesn’t feel rushed. Sex that goes the extra mile. All the orgasms you can handle.

To help you take full advantage of it, I put together a list of things that will make your private time mindblowingly fun.


Emma ❤

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I filmed a scene with a brand new co-star!

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I have a podcast, which means I’ve also got merch.

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Treat Yourself

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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

Does your pussy face your man or does it face the world?

Does he stand up straight or lean into you?

Is he confident in his cock or always covering it up?

This week, we dive way too deeply into the mind of alpha male weirdo and green line enthusiast, Rivelino the Artist!

We'll be talking about body language, why women want to fuck cat-like men, and how you can spot a good girl.

Check out the show notes for relevant links. And if you love the show, consider rating and reviewing it on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else!

New for My Friends With Benefits!

Rivelino the Artist’s tweets are so wild that we had to record an extra episode to cover the highlights!

This week, my Friends With Benefits joined me and Jake as we went over Rivelino’s 45 things about women he’s learned in 45 years.

It’s all wrong and completely ridiculous.

Listen to the teaser here.

And I also shared some lewd shots of me playing with my boobs!

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