Ever get stuck in your own head? 😶‍🌫️


You know when you have a thought you can’t let go of? Or when you’ve got a really big problem on your hands and you can’t stop trying to think of solutions for it?

There are days when that’s all my brain does. It just runs in circles around things.

I used to think it was normal, until I realized I was doing it over the slightest things. Often, I was ruminating on things that didn’t even happen - I was just making up things to worry about.

Mostly, I could ignore it and go on with my life.

But lately, it got bad. I felt like I was locked inside my head and couldn’t figure out a way to escape.

Long story short, all of that led to a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Getting diagnosed with OCD was a bummer, to say the least.

But it was also kind of a relief.

Finding out how my brain worked helped me understand a lot of the things about myself.

It’s why I have a few odd rituals, like making a note of when the clock turns to 12:34.

It’s why I often feel like I’m fretting over nothing. It’s not my intuition trying to alert me to something - it’s my mind making up problems to worry over.

And it’s also why I’m not having nearly as much sex as I want to have.

OCD is an anxiety disorder. And anxiety isn’t super conducive to horniness.

Usually, it’s fine. I can go about my life, get my masturbation on, and fuck my husband on a pretty regular basis.

But when something triggers my OCD, I’m out. Sex is still at the forefront of my mind because it always is - I just can’t bring myself to want it.

My OCD’s getting better. I’m learning ways to manage it, get a handle on my thought patterns, and reclaim my sexual arousal. But it still makes it more challenging than it should be.

This week, I decided to share what it’s like to have OCD (or at least, the version of it that I have) and what an OCD flare-up does to my sex drive and the way I have sex.

Okay, so OCD isn’t super sexy. But Reddit definitely is.

When Tumblr stopped allowing porn, it left a little void in my porn consumption. Where was I going to get super hot and arousing images and GIFs?

Turns out, Reddit was full of them. And some of the hottest subreddits are dedicated to some very precise kinks and preferences.

I shared the 12 that turn me on the most.

I love Choose Your Own Adventure books and I love erotica.

So when I found out that Joanna Angel had merged the two into a single smutty book, I had to get my hands on a copy.

Once I got through Club 42, I just had to write a review of it.

And this week on the podcast, Jake and I talk about eating ass!



Emma ❤

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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

I married an ass man, which means he often wants to eat mine.

This week, we're talking about ass eating - our history with it, Jake's insatiable lust for it, and my somewhat more complex feelings about it.

We also talk about other types of butt stuff, closeup porn, and the sexual effects of OCD.

And we trash talk the spring season, get let down by some potato chips, and things get a little loopy at the end because I was on edibles (whoops!)

Also, someone please tell us if you're supposed to lube a drive shaft.

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New Friends With Benefits Episode!

This week, my Friends With Benefits got access to a bonus episode of the Pillow Talk podcast where Jake introduces me to a porn film that has gone right into my spank bank. We reviewed Pure Taboo’s It Slipped In because it’s one of the hottest scenes we’ve watched in a while!

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