Common sex mistakes (you can easily avoid) 😉🖤


I sprained my wrist last week.

It didn’t even happen in a cool way. It didn’t pop lifting dumbbells. I wasn’t doing pushups or lifting furniture. I didn’t hurt myself giving an impressive, super technical handjob.

I didn’t even hurt it playing Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch (I go hard when I play).

No, I had to go and hurt myself by unscrewing the lid on a container of epsom salts.

Epsom salts that were supposed to soothe my muscles - not injure them.

It’s made a few basic things more difficult. Opening my water bottle is kind of tricky. I have to take a break from strength training. And it slows me down when I’m writing and editing.

And that’s why the newsletter is so late this week. Because I went ahead with the article I had planned even though it’s over 5,000 words long and I had to type it out with one hand in a wrist wrap.

It’s an article about some of the most common mistakes men make in bed. They’re the ones I keep hearing women complaining about, the ones that come up over and over, and the ones I’ve experienced with different guys.

And I think most of them happen because most men don’t fully understand what turns a woman on, what we pay attention to during sex, and what makes us feel like sex was extremely pleasurable and satisfying.

So, I figured I’d lay it all out and give advice on how to give a lady what she really needs.

Now, I’m going to give my wrist a break so I can help it recover more quickly!

One thing I can do without my hands is record audio porn.

(Well, okay, I still use my hands. I’m not going to fake those masturbation sounds.)

It’s kind of a new hobby of mine. In fact, I just started working on a new script.

It’s lots of fun and helps me tap into my sexy side.

It’s also really fucking hard. When it’s done really well, it sound effortless. But lots of work goes into making it that way.

About half of the people I follow on Twitter are hot girls who like to post lewds and nudes.

That’s not a coincidence. I can’t resist a cute girl.

But it’s not just the tits and ass that makes women attractive (though it definitely plays a big part). It’s also the things they do.

I wrote a list of sexy little things women do that make me feel even more drawn to them.

And I didn’t just get to try a new sex toy - I got to try using one in a brand new way.

The Mono Flex is an app-controlled vibrator. You can control it from your phone, let your partner control it from theirs, or you can set some patterns and let it do its thing.

It also lets you sync your vibrator to your Spotify playlist.

I just had to find out what that was like, so I wrote about getting fucked by some of my favorite songs.

And this week on the Pillow Talk podcast, I tell Jake about my love of positive humiliation, sexual praise, and why Bang Bros was so good at turning me on.



Emma ❤

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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

I'm into sexual humiliation, but only when it feels like praise.

So, yeah, it's a bit complicated.

This week, Jake and I sit down to parse my views on humiliation, why it turns me on so much, and why it's gotten me into trouble a few times.

We also talk about Canada Day lewds, the one word Jake finds too nasty to utter, Jake finally becoming a man, and why you shouldn't be mean to girls in rapping cat shirts.

Oh, and do you guys remember Bang Bros!?

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