Celebrating 12 great years 🥰🖤


It’s going to be a quick one today (and a late one - sorry!)

That’s because it’s my wedding anniversary! I’ve been married to Mr. Austin for 12 years as of today.

We’ve been through a whole lot together and we’re closer than we’ve ever been before.

The sex is off the charts, too. Like, even better than it used to be when we were driven by hormones and new relationship energy.

This relationship is one of the best things that ever happened to me, so I’m definitely going to be celebrating it.

Because our kids are too young to take care of themselves, we’re not going to do anything flashy.

Mostly, we’ll be spending the day canoodling (and spending the evening doing something a lot more explicit than canoodling).

Here’s some new stuff for you to enjoy while I’m spending time in my cuddle cocoon!

This Week’s New Articles

Last year, Jake and I devoted an episode of the Pillow Talk podcast to the movie Cruel Intentions.

That movie gave me so many sexual awakenings and it gave us so much to talk about. I was convinced that we could cover the sequels too.

The plan was to watch Cruel Intentions 2 and 3 so we could talk about them during a bonus episode.

It never happened. Cruel Intentions 2 was so-so at best. Cruel Intentions 3 was practically unwatchable - Jake and I never actually got past the first act.

It never even occurred to me to look for a porn version.

Well, turns out there is one. I stumbled on it last week. My expectations were low. Porn parodies aren’t usually my thing and I had already been burned by the Cruel Intentions sequels.

But no, this one delivered.

It was better than the sequels. It recreated a lot of the most memorable moments from the film. And it had lots of hardcore sex with dirty talk, praise, and three performers who know how to stay in character while fucking.

A Cruel Bet was so hot that I just had to review it.

A Cruel Bet has one thing Cruel Intentions didn’t - a threesome.

That had me thinking of group sex. So, I revisited a topic I dealt with a long time ago.

You can find advice out there on how to have a great threesome.

You can find tips on finding a third to join you in your little fuck bubble.

There are lots of articles about whether it’s a bad idea to have a threesome with a friend.

But one thing you don’t always see is advice on how to approach your partner about it.

It’s not usually as simple as just telling them you want to have a threeway and you know exactly who you want to have it with. That kind of thing usually raises a lot of questions instead of getting them excited at the idea of getting frisky with a friend.

If you want to make that threesome happen, you need a better way of asking.

Real talk, though - I don’t know if I’ll ever get to have another threesome.

Not because I don’t want one - I do.

Not because I’m super picky about who I fuck - though I am.

It’s because I’m really fucking shy.

Like, painfully shy. To the point where I have a really hard time initiating sex.

It’s not as bad as it used to be, at least. I found ways to get the action started.

That’s another topic I revisited this week. I wanted to share my tips for initiating sex even if you’re way too shy to actually ask for it.

For a threesome, though, I think I’ll let Mr. Austin take the lead. I’ll just try to be shy and cute. That counts for something, right?


Emma ❤

Brand New Smut!

Guess what? I got a brand new camera!

I’ve been getting familiar with it, coming up with new ideas, and filming some new stuff.

I really can’t wait to share some of it.

But for now, I have another video I shot with my iPhone.

It’s me enjoying a lot of masturbation - 20 whole minutes of it.

I also use multiple toys - two different Zumio vibrators and my favorite wand!

And I end using my real masturbation style. It’s the way I get off when no one’s watching - on my stomach, grinding a toy until I come.

Oh, and I also filmed the whole thing in a plaid skirt because I love any excuse to wear one!

If you want to get off along with me, you can watch the video by subscribing to my JustForFans page!

That also gives you access to me playing with sex toys, getting fucked by Mr. Austin, and sucking him off in exchange for a treat!

Treat Yourself

If you want to get yourself a little something fun, here are some companies I love supporting!

Seriously, that Cruel Intentions porn film is so good! If you ever got turned on by Cruel Intentions, you need to watch A Cruel Bet! You can get access to it (and lots of other scenes and films by Vivid) by joining Adult Time. Use my affiliate link to get a discounted price and then use the code LOVEEMMA to treat yourself to a free week of the best porn online!

If you’ve got any threesome fantasies at all, you should totally roleplay them. Seriously, it’s incredibly hot! The best way to do it is by playing with a sex doll. But if that’s a bit much, you can get a lot of fun out of using pocket pussies and dildos. Some of my favorite threesome roleplays were with the Mini Teddy Thrusting Dildo (or this model if you prefer extra G-spot stimulation) It’s highly pleasurable and genuinely makes me feel like I’m being double teamed. Get one from Betty’s Toy Box and use the code LOVEEMMA to save 15% on your entire order!

For pocket pussies, you can’t go wrong with Fleshlight toys. They’re gorgeously designed, feel amazing, and they’re incredibly high quality. Try out the Classic Pink Lady stroker to give your threesome roleplay some extra realism, hot visuals, and plenty of stimulation. Or get a Classic Pink Butt if your fantasies involve some anal action.

These are all affiliate links by the way. If you click them and make a purchase (or use one of my discount codes), I earn a small commission on the sale and you will be supporting my work.

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