A few basic ways to blow her mind 🤩💦


A lot of the things that make sex exciting for me aren’t the things that make me come.

It’s the heart-racing anticipation that leads up to it.

It’s the excitement of trying something new.

It’s the teasing that fires up my desire.

It’s the caring, dominant attitude that makes me want to give myself up completely.

It’s all the things that make me feel like a dirty girl and a good girl all that the same time.

Those are all important to me. They’re what makes sex thrilling and interesting.

But the things that make it feel pleasurable are a lot more basic than that.

No matter what I’m trying, it’s only going to be a multiorgasmic good time if my clit gets plenty of attention.

This week, I decided to share the four best ways to give that kind of stimulation. If you want to get a woman off, they’re the moves you have to use - and use with enthusiasm.

The first time Mr. Austin bought himself a sex toy, he didn’t use it on his own. He recruited me to help him get off with it.

And it was really fucking fun - for both of us.

We’ve since made it a kind of ritual - we play with every new stroker together before he starts using it by himself.

I want more people to start bringing Fleshlights, Tenga toys, pocket pussies, and other strokers into the bedroom, so I went over a few ways to do just that.

I walked in on my husband jerking off once, a long time ago.

It’s one of those moments I’ve played back in my head over and over.

Partly because it’s one of those images that’s hard to shake right away. But mostly because of the way I handled it and how it made me feel.

I acted as if I had come across a bear - I froze in my tracks, turned around quietly, and walked away feeling very uncomfortable.

There are much better ways to handle walking in on your partner giving themselves a vigorous handshake. So, I broke down the best way to react if it ever happens to you.



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